26 November 2009

Gujarat is out of saragamapa?

Gujarat missed the bus for finale

Zee TV’s, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge had its first semi final competition which was between two neighboring states i.e. Maharashtra and Gujarat and the results are out. As per information I get, Gujarat is at loss.

Close source from the show tells, “Gujarat has lost the competition leaving Maharashtra as a winner once again. Gujarat was strong enough to defeat Maharashtra in the first half of the show but at last Maharashtra took away the cake.”

“There was only 1 or 2 percent of gap between the performances of these two states but for sure the competition was tough for both the parties,” concludes the source. Though Gujarat had experienced singers like Parthiv Gohil and Deepali Somaiya, it was defeated.

Vaishali Mahde was called to wish her for the victory but she remained unavailable.

Finally Maharashtra had reached into the grand finale now let see who will be opposite to them in the singing battle.

18 November 2009

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara : Phir Se

Many have still good memory of 'Mile sur mera tumhara', thanks to youtube.com and such other resources available on internet.

But now, guys get ready for new version of 'Mile sur...'.

The old video i n which from ace classical singer Pt. Bhimsen Joshi to Lata Mangeshkar and From Amitabh Bachchan to Mithun Chakrawarty all had been featured, was produced by ad filmmaker Kailash Surendranath and his wife Aarti.

The new video will feature hot star couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.  Ranbir shot for the video at Film City and Yash Raj Studios on Sunday. And, Amitabh Bachchan is the only artiste from the earlier music video to feature in the new version.

When Amitabh was asked about the honour of being the only artiste to feature in both the versions of the song, he replied, “I have not only participated in the new Mile sur mera tumhara, but have also sung a part of the original composition (composed by Louis Banks and P Vaidyanathan). We shot my portion of the song at the Taj hotel.” Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have also shot for the song. Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone are the other celebrities from the entertainment sector to be featured. Commenting about the song, Deepika said, “My dad was part of the first one.Now I am in the second.” Talking about the project, Aarti said, “At the moment we want to keep it really quiet until we finish the project.”

04 November 2009

Good song, bad picturisation

Yesterday (Dt. 3 November) I saw a song on B4U music. Song was very dearest to me. It was ‘Patta Patta Buta Buta Haal Hamara Jane Hai’. Very nice composition by great music director duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal and nicely sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. Till yesterday, I had only listened song, but had never seen.

From the very first moment, as shot was long shot, hero-heroine was not clear. At that time I had actually  forgotten that song was from movie ‘Ek Nazar’ featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri (at that time). As soon as the picture about who the stars are got cleared, I got plesant surprise. It was my favourite actor. I felt one more feather added to my favourite actor’s cap.

But very soon I realised that actually that time actor was really learning acting. No good expression I found on his face. Also or for same reason, director had shot with long shots. This song is a good example of good song wasted in picturisation. Same is the case with ‘Ye jo mohabbat hai’ song from ‘Kati Patang’ movie.

Very good song. Till some years ago, you were only able to listen songs, not see. So, from listening songs repeatedly, you would have got some imagination that song might have been picturised like this. Your imagination would get firm with repeatedly listening songs. But as soon as you would see song in ‘Chitrahaar’ your imagination is totaly cracked. I had never imagined that ‘Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai’ song could have been picturised the way it was.Kaka was shown singing the song in drunk position.

I feel same with all ‘Aashiqui’ songs which were picturised on Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal - expression less actors.

Can you remember such good songs which are wasted in picturisation?

Write right away here.

(To read in Gujarati, click : http://jaywantpandya.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/સારું-ગીત-ખરાબ-પિક્ચરાઇઝ/)

28 October 2009

Sonu Sweety = Sohni Mahiwal !

I don't know whether it was mere coincidence or what!

Recently while surfing I came on DD. I stopped there for some moments as one serial was being telecasted. Cast included Varun Badola and Shweta Kawatra (Pallavi of Kahani Ghar Ghar ki). I found same dialogue-same situation, same story that I watched one or two days back.

'Yes, it is the same,' I told myself. Now I remembered perfectly. Same story was going on in 'Sonu Sweety' that is being telecasted on Sab Tv. As I kept continue watching the serial, it was confirmed that this is the same serial that was being air on Sab Tv too. Here, on DD serial's name was 'Sohni Mahiwal', while on Sab it is 'Sonu Sweety'. Hero - Varun Badola is same, heroine Shweta Kawatra is same. However some actors were different in 'Sonu Sweety', e.g. Shweta's brother in the 'Sonu Sweety' was different. Set of house was also different. Serial is quite hilarious. It is 'nock-jhonk' between husband and wife. There is no double meaning dialogues which have become common in comedy serials. No chhichorapan. It is quite like serials that came during DD era.

So, the serial which was not clicked on DD that aired in 2006- three years back, became super hit on Sab Tv. So hit that now it has been telecasted twice in week!
(To read it in Gujarati click : http://jaywantpandya.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/સોનુ-સ્વીટી-સોહની-મહિવાલ/)

14 October 2009

'Lapataganj' : DD time back again?

Promo 1 : There is couple trying to take a sleep at night. Suddenly power comes and light is on. Wife tells husband to switch off light as she can’t sleep with lights on. Husband asks her to wait for a while. Within few seconds power cuts off again. Couple now again happily try to take a sleep. But before going to sleep wife reminds her husband not to forget pay power bill as otherwise power will be cut!

Promo 2 : In an area, people are playing with colours on occasion of Holi festival. One leader comes with chamchas. One or two men act of pouring water from bucket. With fear of getting wet, leader goes back. Then these men says, Pani aaye na aaye, tyohar to aate hi hai.’

These promos are of serial ‘Lapataganj’ coming soon (from 26thOctober) on Sab Tv. This is based on famous poet, writer, satirist Sharad Joshi’s (whose daughter Neha Joshi is well known actress and anchor) stories. From promos, one can judge that this serial is going to give you not only entertainment but also it will look into middle class and rural people’s lives.

It seems that with this serial and ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah’ Doordarshan time is coming back as this type of serial talks about society’s lower and middle class people’s worries with entertainment. There had been a huge gap where nonsense serials like Ekta Kapoor’s K brand serials and other Saas Bahu Serials were ruling. In humor slot also there were serials in which humor was also nonsense. But with ‘Taarak Mehra…’, ‘Tedhi Baat’, ‘Sonu Sweeti’ like serials, good entertainment is back. I am not advocating or making p.r. for Sab. There are FIR and Gunwale dulhaniyan le jayenge like serials also. But overall, good and meaningful entertainment is back again, that’s what I see.

So, wait and watch for ‘Lapataganj’!

15 September 2009

Game show or cheating show?

It is nothing but cheating.

That's what we can tell about 'Bollywood Dhamaal' show- a so called game show coming on E24 at 10.30 pm.

In this show, one beautiful girl posing as an anchor asks viewers about bollywood puzzle. What was I saw yesterday (14th September, 2009) was photo of one young film actress. Her face was hiddent. Part of body starting from neck was only shown. Viewer was given two choices : call or sms. The callers were constantly giving wrong answers thus tempting viewer to sms or call. And prize was also quite big. It was Rs. 17,000. I smsed but the message I got in reply was : Mubarak Ho! Aap ka lucky no. hai....something and keep smsing to make your chance better. Callers were constantly giving wrong answers. I thought about calling. I called but It was clear from tv  there was no call coming eventhough my call was not being received. Only just sweet voice of girl saying : Congratulations! You are lucky to be reach in waiting list! Your call can be transfered anytime to studio, keep holding. Meanwhile price was getting higher and higher. I ended my call and understood all the game. The call cost was Rs. 10 per minute. So their game is that caller's call should not be attended so that call time gets increased. And there must be in house or staffters who pretend to be caller keep telling wrong names of the actress  so that viewers get tempted to hold call more minutes.

And this is not only mine experience. You can check on net. Many has written against this show.

What a cheating!

11 September 2009

DPL's Ahmedabad audition receives overwhelm response

Sony Entertainment Television has announced two days auditions for Dance Premier League a unique dance format in Ahmedabad. The First day of Dance Premier League audition in Ahmedabad received overwhelming response. More than 300 Contestant took part in audition. The auditions will contine for Saturday 12th September 2009 at Karnavati club from 8:00 am to 4:00pm.

The show promises to highlight India’s rich & diverse culture from each region - each with its own flavour and unique identity. Dance has been a form of expression, art, passion and an integral part of the Indian culture. The show will showcase this diversity and give an opportunity to teams from each zone to compete & bring glory to their region.

Dance Premier League will have 5 teams from 5 different zones of India (North, East, West, and South & Central) and 1 NRI team competing with one another for “regional pride” – to bring glory to their zone by winning.

Each Zonal team will comprise of talented dancers selected through multi-city auditions across selected cities in each zone. Dance Premier League promises pan Bharat representation and will hold auditions in 15 cities in India and in London to scout for the best dancing talent starting September 1. This audition process will culminate with selection of final team for each zone. Each team will be mentored by a celebrity choreographer as they chart their journey from anonymity to fame, from being a contender to a champion.

According to Danish Khan, Vice President, Head Marketing, Sony Entertainment Television, “ Dance Premier League is a unique format which will provide a platform to talented dancers from all across India an opportunity to represent their respective zonal team, so the art from “dance” will combine with “regional pride” and bring alive the colour and spirit of different regions of India on a national platform. It will provide viewers with entertaining, engaging and compelling content every weekend”.

North zone's audition is completed under leadership of Salman Khan.

DPL will be as popular as IPL is : Ejaz Khan

When I smsed him for interview, I didn't know he is in Ahmedabad and if he would call me it would cost him std charges. But in reply to my sms requesting him for small interview, he replied back :

Can I call you when I am free?

I said ok with almost idea that he is not going to call me. Why should he call me? Am I mumbai based film journalist? Am I Khalid Mohammad or Am I Omar Qureshi? Yes, it was the fact that I have been writing on films and television for 11 years and journey still continues and I have interviewed more than 90 Bollywood-
Tellywood celebrities ranging from Madhuri Dixit to Mallika Sherawat and Saroj Khan to Rajeev Khandelwal. But that fact was totally unknown to him.

And eventhough my phone rang with flashing his number.

I am talking about Ejaz Khan, the man who is going to anchoring Sony's upcoming reality show DPL (Dance Premier League). Ejaz had come for auditions in Ahmedabad.  My conversation with him.

"How did this show happened to you?" I ask him. "See, Dance is my passion. डान्स मेरे दिल के बहोत करीब है। So when i received proposal of this show I accepted," he tells me. He is very ga-ga about this show. "This is very interesting show. It has good format. There are six zones - North, South, East, West and Central. There is NRI team also. Every team will have a captain and a choreographer. Match will be held. It may be between individuals, may be between team. It will be online of IPL (Indian Premier League). Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and more big stars are roped in this show. So, this show is going to be a big - never before show, It will be as popular as IPL is," he says very enthusiastic voice.

"Is it true that Madhuri Dixit is also joining this show?" I ask. "See, for this, I am not right person to answer you.

Ejaz Khan is currently playing Bhaskar role in Bhaskar Bharti on Sony. But about this show he simply tells, "I have just guest appearance in it."

Ejaz Khan was last seen in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka  after that he vanished from small screen. Why? "It was conscious decision," without elaborating reasons he says. He will be anchoring in reality show, so will he participate himself in any reality show? "No. Reality show is overdone and I have no plane to participate in any type of reality show."

Ejaz has played small roles in films like Takshak, Maine Dil Tujko Diya, Zameen, Kuchh Na Kaho, Just Married and Meerabai Not Out. So any films on hand now? "Yes, I have films that will release soon." Asking about them, he simply says,

"Wait and watch!"

10 September 2009

Savitabhabhi's exclusive and real one interview on tv!

Have you seen Savitabhabhi in person?
You will say this comic character and its site is prohibited in Bharat (not in India). But you can see her exclusive and firstever interview on internet tv. Not only interview, she is giving solution to global issues too.
You will probably say, I must be joking. 
But no, it's half true. This interview is not real one, but it's spoof. The show name is 'Jay Hind' first ever  Internet IndianTv show.' Show was launched on 15th August, 2009- Bharat's independence day. 
Better known as Sahil of 'Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai' Sumit Raghwan has become first ever anchor of internet indian tv . 
The show format is similar to 'Movers And Shakers' that came during late 90s. It was anchored by Shekhar Suman. This internet tv show 'Jay Hind' is written by Rajeev Nigam who also wrote for 'Movers And Shakers' and currently doing stand up comedy as Birbal with Rajesh Kumar in 'Dekh India Dekh'. Rajeev will be seen as common man in the said show.
Abhigyan Jha is the man behind 'Jay hind' show. The show can be watched at http://jayhind.buzzintown.com./ or http://jayhind.tv/.

Salman Khan : became active or trying to improve image?

Salman Khan is in news! But not for wrong side.

He is gifting. He is joking. He is anchoring television show (Dus Ka Dum). He is coming as participant in 'Tere Mere Beech mein' as participant along with his mother Salma Khan. He can be seen promoting Football on NDTV. He is featuring in popular show CID on sony. And now he will be seen in 'Dance Premier Leauge'.

The question is whether Salman Khan has become active or he is trying to improve his image. Answer may be whatever, but it is for sure that Shahrukh will not like his competitor going ahead of him.

08 September 2009

Doordarshan still have good programmes, but...

On the internet, on the blogs, on the message boards, on the forums, in the article we often come across these words : Doordarshan's old days, golden days. Many people don't like today's serials, reality shows and game shows. Hence they remember old and golden days of DD when Humlog, Buniyaad, Fatichar, Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, Nukkad and Dekh Bhai Dekh like serials and shows were coming.

But DD's game is not over! Many good programmes still aired on DD! 'Rangoli' and 'Chitrahaar' is still there! One unique programme coming on DD is 'Bioscope' being aired since 2004. Coming on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Hindi feature film (this term widely used on Doordarshan, remember?Nowadays, Bollywood movie is broadly used) is shown in part. It's time is 11 pm. So, office goers or businessmen can watch movie after coming home and having dinner! Housewives can also watch it with relax. And also they don't have to watch till late night as movie is telecasted for only one hour.

One programme is 'Cine Satrangi'. Host of the show Dr. Falguni Parikh is talking about story of one film and in mean time, songs of that one film and dialogues are shown.

There is comedy serial also, 'Kabhi saas, Kabhi bahu' featuring Sushmita Mukherjee (Kitty of Karamchand), Shama Deshpande.

If you think in the age of reality show, DD is lagging behind, you are wrong. It has two shows that I have seen. One is 'Bharat (almost forgotten word, no?) ki shaan' and one is 'Krazzy Kiya Re'. 'Bharat ki shaan' is singer hunt show like 'Saregamapa', 'Indian Idol' and 'Voice Of India' judged by non another than Suresh Wadekar, Bappi Lahiri, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ismail Darbar,  while 'Krazzy Kiya Re' is talent hunt show.

But its serials (except comedy ) are not good that's what impression I have got whenever surfing I came across to them.

In short, DD has still good programmes all it need good marketing.

Kaante ki takkar between biggies on Small screen

Tv audience will witeness Kaante ki takkar between biggies! It is now well known fact that Amitabh Bachchan is  returning on television in next month (i.e. october 2009). We will see the middle generation of indian film industry (as of now, as it can not be called gen-x.) on Sony Entertainment Television as it is launching Dance Premier League (DPL). Salman Khan (who is already hosting 'Dus Ka Dum'), Preity Zinta , Bipasha Basu, Arshad Warsi will have a significant role in it. While choreograph turned director Farah Khan is already busy with her chat show 'Tere Mere Bich Mein'. Star Plus has announced a reality show - 'perfect bride'. Shekhar Suman who is called Amitabh of Indian Television is having major role in it. (He has already turned back to acting and doing good with 'Tedhi Baat'). To add glamour quotient, Amrita Rao and Malaika Arora Khan will also be there.

So, wait and watch for these biggies setting small screen on fire!

P.S. : News got just recently says, Madhuri Dixit Nene has confirmed to participation for Dance Premier League. Aishwarya Rai is yet to confirm.Really it is going to be very big show.

06 September 2009

How would Amitabh be fit for Big Boss?

Yes, it came as surprise! No scoop was published before the official announcement. No gossiping was there that he may return to small screen.

So, when colors channel announced on 4th September that Amitabh Bachchan will be host of Big Boss's season 3 it was really surprise for many. Before couple of years rumour heard or read about Big B was that he may host or work in a show for zee tv.

But rather than Amitabh has chosen to come back on tv, more surprising thing is that he has selected Big Boss as come back vehicle.The format and histroy of Big boss (right from season 1 that aired on Sony Entertainment Television) is of controversies, abusive words, exposures, back biting, manipulations, flirting, all that dirty games which can be played. In contrast, Amitabh Bachchan is very soft spoken. He is not angry man unlike his image on big screen. Rarely he shows his anger and even being angry he uses very selective words. He likes to be political correct.

But one should not worry for Amitabh and Big boss coming together as Amitabh has clearified on his blog that he had told colors channel to make certain changes to be in line with his image. So, the talk is that Amitabh will not be seen as host but sort of philosopher.

27 August 2009

Return of 'Ba Bahu Aur Baby'!

'Baa Bahu Aur Baby' has returned!

The show of Hats off production had gained so much popularity in its first season, but somehow channel (star plus) kicked it like football. Show in first season used to be on air on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But whenever there would be some award show like star parivar or iifa, 'Baa bahu..' would be telecasted on another time or even cancelled. Show was then shifted to Saturday and Sunday. Frequently changing time of these show without any advertisement or notice made its loyal audiences disturbed as they could not keep track of the show.

Hope this time it doesn't get kick frequently.

This time the actress playing Leela is changed. Lubna Salim was doing fine job but somehow actress has been replaced. First episode of 'Baa Bahu..' made impression on me that the new heroine playing Leela bhabhi is not fit for this role as I have good impression of Lubna Salim (remember, the way she used to say, 'Ye to hona hi chahiye?' and 'kya Gattubhai, aap bhi?')

Even in first season, when character of Pravina was made to death by scriptwriters, I was disappointed because Vaishali Thakkar has masterly acted as Pravina. (She had acted superbly as vamp in 'Ek mahel ho sapno ka' also, do you remember?)

Lets wait for new actress getting fit in Leela Bhabhi's role.

25 August 2009

'Chura liya' Again!

The heroine who is often called bold girl in times of 70s and 80s is all set to make your memories live . Zeenat Aman will be seen
on the silver screen in Sanjay Sharma's Dunno Y...Naa Jaane Kyon.

And that's not all friends, Zeenie is all set to strum the strings and recreate the magic of Chura Liya (Yaadon Ki Baraat)
in the film. She will be seen essaying the role of a super mom - cool, confident and utterly yum!

And there is more surprise! She's even shed a lot of extra pounds to fit into this role. The film also stars Helen, Rituparna Sengupta, Yuvraj, Hazel, Asha Sachdev and Maradona Rebello.

28 July 2009

Be it Rakhi or Rekha, successful marraige is doubtful!

Countdown has begun. Saturday is d-day. Many anxious viewers will witness Rakhi’s swayamwar coming to an end with marriage to Elesh Parujanwala. For fulfilling Rakhi’s demand that she will not abandon her work for sake of marriage, Elesh has agreed to settle down in Bharat.
But there is big question about success of marriage. However, there was question for marriage itself taking place. Two contestant who were eleminated from show, disclosed that there will be no marriage. It is just drama. When it will come to end, final contestant will be asked for choice between Rakhi and money and he will prefer for money.
As for now, it doesn’t seem that as per these abovesaid contestant’s claim, marriage will not take place. It will happen and with big hype. Bandbaje ke saath dhoomdham se shaadi hogi. Badi Nautankee hogi. Claims one source.
If you have seen film ‘Salaam-e-ishq’ then you can say, everything in Rakhi’s case is happening as per film. In the said film, Priyanka is an item girl. She does everything as per decided. One unknown person Salman suddenly claims to be her childhood boyfriend, then he proposes her. Tenu le ke main javanga. Tinu Anand, secretary of Priyanka explains her that she will get lots of publicity by this stunt and she agrees to him.
Now the question is what after marriage? Can she be just an ordinary housewife? No. She has straightly said no. She will not put an end to her career. And we have seen her behaviour with her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi. No self respecting husband can live like Abhishek with Rakhi. Rakhi is overambitious.
We have also seen unsuccessful marriage of Rakhee Gulzar and Rekha. So, after some months, if we heard news of divorce of Rakhi, we shouldn’t get surprised.

27 July 2009

The first Indian Television Wedding to be attended by the viewers

Grand welcome! Must say it really looked like the Indian Televisions biggest wedding ever that was held at RK Studios on Saturday, June 25th morning. Over 800 people from all across India came to attend the wedding and blessed the Pavitra Rishta couple.

No stone was left unturned to make the guests comfortable. Ostentatious reception, floral decoration all over, elaborate & authentic maharashtrian food, superb entertainment by L’il Champs’ kids and Dance India Dance winner, Salman Khan, really made everyone feel special at the ceremony. Proper arrangements were made to attend the guest. For ladies special arrangement for Mehniwali’s was made and male attendees couldn’t escape the pagdis being tied on them. Too royal a treatment….

For the first time in the history of Indian Television, a show’s wedding ceremony was connected directly to the live audiences in the form of a mega on-ground event. The response from its’ viewers has been humongous which is evident from the fact that so far more than 50000 sms have been received in response to the channel’s invitation to all its’ viewers for attending the wedding. The show’s ardent fans from various parts of country like Pune, Nasik, indore, Delhi, Kanpur, Amritsar, Lucknow, Rajkot to bless the newly weds.

Besides this, hundreds of enthusiasts attended the wedding from Mumbai. Interestingly, some innovative ways made this possible. Savita Prabhune aka ‘Sulochana’ (Archana’s mother in the show), commuted in a local train starting from Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus to Dombivli Station to invite the fellow commuters for the wedding. On a Sunday morning, Sulochana personally visited viewers’ homes in different locations of Mumbai who welcomed her in the traditional Maharashtrian saree with haldi and kumkum and blessed her for the auspicious occasion. The show’s producer, Ekta Kapoor, herself visited Pune’s Dagru Seth Halwai Temple to seek blessings for Archana’s wedding and meet the fans in the city.

The families of Archana and Manav are enjoying this beautiful moment and are busy preparing for the wedding. Celebrations are in full swing, shopping on a high spree, Archana’s elder brother is into sky-scraping preparations; sisters all set to look hoity-toity, parents are more than happy to see all this go so smoothly. May heavens’ choicest blessings shower on this newly wed couple!

28 June 2009

What's your rashee : Ga Ga Gayeja!

For some years, there is trend of minimal songs in film. Many films even have not a single song.
But in Hindi cinema, a film without song, as per my view, is like body without soul!
Remember, Rajshree's 'Maine Pyar Kiya' did not only bring back malodious music but also trend of more than 5 songs in a film!
Now, Ashutosh Gowarikar's 'What's your rashee' will revive this trend as it will have 13 songs!
You can guess length of film if it has 13 songs! But Ashutosh is known for lengthy but tight script. As he has very good music sense it is for sure that 'What's your rashee' will entertain musically also.

Oops! SRK did it agian!

Oops! Shahrukh did it again!
No! As you assume, there is no any hidden reference towards KJo! But here we are talking about Ashutosh Gowarikar who approached Shahrukh for his upcoming film and SRK starightly refused to work with ace director.

Remember? SRK refused 'Lagaan' script also and then Ashutosh went to Aamir and Aamir took risk to work with Ashutosh. He got succeed. After that SRK realized Ashutosh's talent and accepted to work with him. Result was 'Swadesh'! But alas! Though being a good film with good music it failed.

Probably that's the reason why SRK may be refusing Gowarikar's film! But don't forget SRK that Ashutosh has given last year mega hit like 'Jodha Akbar'.

Is Shahrukh mistaking again?

05 June 2009

Bald Look!

Changing hairstyle has been trend since Amir’s new hairstyle in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. From Amir to Shahrukh and Abhishek to Ajay Devgan, every actor is trying with new hairdo. But one man who rarely changed his hairstyle was Amitabh Bachchan! Yes was! Because he will be seen with new hairdo in his new film ‘Pa’.
Don’t believe?

Look yourself in pic. Yes, it is no one but Amitabh Bachchan. It is not first time Amitabh has gone bald! Before this, he was seen bald in ‘Coolie’. Don’t remember? Try to recall that famous song ‘Lambujee Lambujee’.

Pa is being directed by the ad whiz R. Balakrishnan (popularly known as 'Balki') and who had earlier directed the Big B-Tabu starrer Cheeni Kum. Even though every minute detail of this film is being kept under strict wraps, rumors have it that the film is about a child who ages much faster than any normal child would do. If you thought that the adjoining picture of Big B took the daylights out of you, then, let us tell you that the real surprise of the film lies in the fact that Amitabh Bachchan plays Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan's son in the film.

19 May 2009

It is resurging from 'Raakh'!

Do you remember a film named 'Raakh'?
Do you remember star called Aamir Khan acted in it?
You might say, Ah! When was such a film released?
But those who used to keep track of bollywood films might remember this -came and passed-film 'Raakh'. 
The big news is that it is going to be rereleased after 20 years! 

Raakh was came out in 1989 to critical acclaim and was widely covered by the film critics in the media. It was a project of great importance for many of the cast and crew members who made their debut with this movie. When we contacted Sangeeth Sivan, the Executive Producer of the film, he said, "The entire film is shot like it's a home video. It does star Aamir in the lead, though it is a bit dark."

The movie acted as a crucial platform for many debutants like Aamir Khan, Santosh Sivan (Cinematographer), Sreekar Prasad (Editor), , Aditya Bhattacharya (Director) & Asif Noor (Producer) all of who were under 30 years of age at the time. The commendable fact is that Aditya Bhattacharya, who just 23 then, became the youngest director of Bollywood at that time winning the Best Directorial debut award from the Bengal Film Journalists' Association.

Raakh deals with an Indian Metropolis that is decaying, lawless and tragically corrupt. A typical party ends in untypical violence. Aamir is awkwardly sensitive and inarticulate. Supriya Pathak, the poised distant girl whom Aamir loves with mad desperation, is gang raped. She is a survivor. Disillusioned and practical, she rules out revenge. Supriya has now grown beyond Aamir. Aamir, driven by impotent rage, hesitantly approaches the law. Only to learn that the rapists are the ruling mafia clan whom neither he nor the police can touch while he is violently uprooted from his safe, if lonely, upper class home. Thus begins the chaotic journey that takes him into the precarious outer world. Here, his only friend, a street urchin offers him mute sympathy until Pankaj Kapur- an embittered cop - cynical witness to the first outrage is goaded by his anesthetized conscience to search out Aamir. An adolescent seeking manhood and the older man seeking his lost innocence come together...

The rights for the film Raakh which were originally with the director, Aditya Bhattacharya, have been purchased by Audacity International and Storm. Initially though, Sangeeth Sivan and Asif Noor, the producers of the film, had planned on launching the film on a collectors DVD. However, after purchasing the rights for the same, Audacity International has reworked on the original reels and has digitally re-mastered it. Raakh is all set to re-release on the 12th of June. 

No hassels! These days are dry days anyway as dispute between multiplex owners and producers is not solved yet. 

21 April 2009

Orange Dikha To Munh Bola : Asin and Genelia!

With Mirinda ad, Asin has entered in Hindi ad. world. The ad. is quite hillarious going with image of Asin, emerged after ‘Ghajini’. Its catchline is, ‘orange dikha to munh bola, Mirinda’. 
But now competitor Fanta has put young heartthrob Genelia D’souza. 

While Asin has been brand ambassador of Mirinda for last three years while Genelia has become Fanta brand embassador from this year. This fact is regarding with branding orange drinks in Tamilnadu where 25 percent of the total orange soft drink market in the country is consumed. 
Wait and watch for who will be emerging as winner?

18 April 2009

Another Desai!

It's after long time, someone from Manmohan Desai's family, a great entertainer,is coming with films! Nope. It's not Ketan Desai, the famous producer-director's son. It's Vaishali Desai, Manjee's grand niece.

She has brought up in Banglore. She has graduated in psychology. She won the Indian title of Miss International 2005. Vaishali was seen first in a Ponds commercial after which she did a Tanishq commercial followed by an Indian Oil Campaign. She was then seen in a Compaq laptop ad and in the very famous Raymond ad and is now being seen in another Tanishq ad with Nafisa ali.

Vaishali's first film Kal kisne dekha is sloted to be released on 1 May 2009 depended upon producers as well as multiplexes strike. With Vaishali, one more star son will foray in Hindi film industry, famously called Bollywood. It is Jacki Bhagnani. He is son of producer Vashu Bhagnani who has produced hit films like 'Coolie No.1', 'Hero No.1', 'Biwi No. 1', 'Mujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai'.

Vaishali will be another desai heroine as Prachi Desai ('Rock on' fame) has been already there to push back Kareenas and Priyankas!

07 January 2009

Rimi Sen and Sneha Ullal come back after two years!

This friday, on 9th Jan. 2009, cinelovers will witness return of two beautiful actresses who were in very much news some years before.
Who are they?
They are Rimi Sen and Sneha Ullal. You will say, we know Rimi Sen very well. She is daughter of gorgeous actress Moon Moon Sen but that is not case with the other one.
Boss, you are wrong. Many people mix up identities when there come names of Sen actresses. Riya Sen and Raima Sen are daughters of Moon moon Sen, but Rimi and Rima are non star child actresses.
If you try to recall, before Katrina Kaif got title of ‘Lucky Mascot’ girl, it was Rimi who got this title. Like Katrina, Rimi has also not special or good acting skills, but her presence was lucky enough to make film hit. Be it ‘Baghban’ or ‘Dhoom’ or ‘Phir Hera Pheri’. She was also known as Comedy film director Priyadarshan’s favourite heroine.
But after appearing in not so good film at box office, ‘Johny Gaddar’, Rimi disappeared from the picture. She was not in the news, good or bad, since 2007.
Now on this friday, her first film in the year 2009, ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ is going to be released. She will be playing double role, first ever in her career, in this film. She is paired against Nana Patekar and Muzzamil Ibrahim, who was lastly seen in Pooja Bhatt directed ‘Dhoka’ (Actually it should be ‘Dhokha’, but as more priority is given to numerology, spelling is doctored.). As name suggests, film is of comey genre. This will be Rimi’s second film with Nana Patekar. Before this, she had worked with Nana in ‘Hattrick’.
Talking about Sneha Ullal, she was considered as look a like of Aishwarya Rai. Salman had identified her. That was the period when Aish had broken up with Salman Khan. Salman was very hearted. He discovered Sneha Ullal and thus Sneha got ‘Lucky-no time for love’. Though, film bombed at box office, but its songs, of which music rendered by Adnan Sami, have been hit and are melodious. After that Sneha was seen in ‘Aryan’, pairing aginst Sohail Khan, younger brother of Salman. Film was good promoted, but it took a long time to get released. Film did not get even noticed.
After ‘Aryan’ Sneha turned towards south and started doing south indian films. But there are no news about she getting success in south.
So, watch out this friday for come back of these two beautiful actresses!

03 January 2009

Jaywant Pandya’s CineTeleVision remembers R.D. and S.D.

A film to be made on S.D.

As today on 4th January, hindi film music lovers are mourning over great music director R.D. Burman’s 15th death anniversary and remember his great malodious songs, there is one good news coming from R.D’s native Tripura.

News is that the Films Division will make a movie on the life of legendry music maestro Sachin Dev Burman.

The director of the Eastern Regional Centre of the Films Division, Rajiv Kumar has sent a letter informing about the decision to the Tripura government. "The State government has pledged the film division to extend all support and cooperation in making the film," Tripura Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Anil Sarkar said.

Renowned Bengali film actor-director Dilip Roy will direct the proposed movie. A commemorative postage stamp on S.D. Burman was brought out last year by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology coinciding with the 101st birth anniversary of the music composer.

Anil Sarkar said: "The Tripura government has introduced Sachin Dev Burman Memorial Award in 2006 and it is presented to well-known singers and musicians."

In the sadness of absence of these two great maestros, we can just say,

“Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare chale gaye!”

Neetu Kapoor is coming back, atlast!

Ye to hona hi tha!

We can hum this famous song of ‘Ek main aur ek too’ from movie ‘Khel Khel main’ as Neetu Kapoor is coming back. Oh, come on! Don’t tell me that you don’t know Neetu Kapoor. And still you havenot gotten hint, let me clarify Neetu Kapoor is none other than Neetu Singh, known before her marriage with Rishi Kapoor.

Actually, there was no reason for Neetu not coming back.

First of all, in the age of multiplex theatres, many films are being made whose stories go around aged people. Second, Neetu has kept herself fit very much and beauty is ishwar’s grace to her. Third, her daughter Riddhima has married since one or two year. Fourth, the unwritten law of Kapoor Khandaan bahu or beti will not work in film has been broken with Karishma entering in hindi film industry.

So, which is the lucky producer or director and actor Neetu will work?

It is Saif Ali Khan. Don’t assume him as hero. No. He is the producer. Yes, he has turned producer. Infact film has Saif as hero, but Rishi Kapoor will be also working in it. The lead heroine is Deepika Padukone.

In her youthful days, Neetu and Rishi’s chemistry was unbeatable and very natural. But Neetu had also made pair with Jeetendra (Jaani Dushman, The burning train etc…), Amitabh Bachchan (Yaarana, The great gambler, Parvarish, Adalat).
So, wait for this gracious and gorgeous lady’s come back film!