28 December 2008

Planned rivalry of Amir-Shahrukh and Salman?

Recently Salman attacked on Shahrukh once again. He was praising Amir’s body and film. Even at promotion of his own film ‘Yuvraj’ he promoted his new friend Amir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’.

Now look at this. A couple of days before release of ‘Ghajini’, Amir mocked at Shahrukh’s claim of No. 1 superstar. He said, ‘Superstar doesn’t claim himself. Audience make superstars. In my view, Amitabhjee is still superstar.’ Amir also dared Shahrukh to act with him.

This rivalry is not new. Before this Amir wrote at his blog, ‘Shahrukh is licking my feet.’ Then he clarified, ‘Shahrukh is my dog.’

Salman and Shahrukh were great friend untill Salman’s current girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. At this party, Shahrukh blow below the belt and reffered to Salman’s relations with his ex-girlfriend and wife of Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This did not suit to Salman and He went ahead to physical fight with Shahrukh. At this juncture Amir interrupted and physical fight did not happen.

The time of this quarrel is important as at the same time Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya and Jaya were starting their world tour. So insiders of Bollywood believe that Salman-Shahrukh-Amir rivalry is well planned and it is intended to draw attractions towards themselves and thus Amit-Abhi and Aish will not get publicity.

If it is true then it is sad as three ‘khan’ superstars have to do such a low category gimmics to highlight themselves. Instead they should let speak their work.

‘Fauji’ returns!

For those who loved serial ‘Fauji’ in ancient times of Door darshan, there is good news to share and good news is that a sequel of this popular serial is coming.

Surprised? Yes. It is true. Producer of ‘Fauji’ colonel R.K. Kapoor has confirmed this. ‘Yes, I am making another Fauji,’ Colonel Kapoor says, ‘I have met officials from the defence ministry and got the green signal but I’m yet to acquire a written approval from them. They have also offered to help me with the additional details that I may need to make it look real. I will begin writing the scripts in the New Year, finalise the cast and then start shooting from April.”

Though there were only 13 episodes, ‘Fauji’ was a popular show. It was perhaps the first ever TV show which showed the Indian Army very closely. Kapoor said, “I have spoken to a private channel and they have liked the concept but nothing is finalised yet.”

Will he launch another Shah Rukh Khan in 'Fauji 2', “When I made Fauji, I only introduced a good actor. For 'Fauji 2', I haven’t thought of anybody yet but, I am on the lookout for a good actor again.”

Was Kapoor in touch with Shah Rukh? He replied, “He is a superstar now and must be very busy with his work. I would not want to disturb him unnecessarily. At the same time whenever I see him onscreen I feel very proud.”

He added, “But I am still in contact with Vikram Chopra, who was Shah Rukh’s ‘buddy’ in the show. His name in the show was Lt. Vikram Chopra. He too was very popular then, with his dialogue ‘I say Chap.’”

And what has prompted him to make 'Fauji 2'? “After 26/11, I have seen the love people have for the country. But very few know what the army is all about. I am hoping that through Fauji 2 people will get a better understanding about the army.”

For Kangna yog and silence is the remedy

Kangna Ranaut is not unknown name for cine lovers. In her words, she has suffered a lot during last few years.

She had admitted that she was going through bad times. She had said, "I got everything very soon in my life but personally my life was going through too much of trauma. I was really trapped by dirty people and they wouldn't let me concentrate on my work. They tried to harm me both physically as well as mentally."

However, everything seems to be passe now ever since she moved on to 'yoga'. The biggest gift she's received from this, she says, is the practice of Silence or "Maun". The practice of staying silent physically brings to the fore the tremendous busy-ness of the mind and help to bring some quiet there as well.

Effervescent and vivacious by nature, Kangna has found a 'thehrav' in her life ever since she adopted 'maun'. "Initially I found it very difficult to stay silent; however through perseverance I did manage to develop this as a regular part of my yoga practice and have benefited ever since."

"When I am working, I have to give it 100%. So that's why I took a break for my personal work to sort out all my issues and only then got back to work. I did not want to struggle between work and personal issues. I am not that kind of a person. I can do only one thing at a time", she had stated earlier.

"Now, through Silence, I feel I've discovered my Soul, the very centre of my being, which is the source of all my energy - creative, spiritual, emotional and mental. I've always been a very focused person, and I've chosen to portray characters in my film that are challenging and strong. This awareness and practice has given me greater ability to channel my energy effectively to deliver even better on these performances", she says in an obvious relaxed tone.

Through shooting Raaz-The Mystery Continues, Kangna has been even more diligent about this practice. That's because the character is one who gets possessed and has to deal with the horrific consequences. "The role required a lot from me. It's a very intense role. So it was imperative to keep my practice alive during the outdoor schedules to be able to maintain the focus and equanimity needed to deliver the required performance."