16 August 2019

Vidya Sinha, Ladki Cyclewali!

Ladki Cyclewali- Vidya Sinha represented girl next door 

What a coincidence!

She was born on 15th of November and passed away on 15th August. She was born in year when Bharat got independence. She passed away in year and month when Bharat got real independence when article 370 and 35-A was removed by strong Narendra Modi government and Jammu-Kashmir and Laddakh got integrated in real sense!

I am talking about Vidya Sinha! Perhaps new generation people knows only one Vidya- i.e. Vidya Balan. But Vidya Sinha was center of attraction in her time. Yes, she was not so big star such as Hema Malini, Rekha, Reena Roy and others. But her roles and specially songs that picturised on her, are memorable. I talk most of time about songs and music when I write tribute, because I think whenever we will listen hindi songs, hero and heroine face come in our mind.

Vidyajee was daughter of producer Pratap S. Rana. His real name is Rana Pratap Singh. He was son in law of produce-director Mohan Sinha. So question arises in our mind that why not Vidya Rana and why Vidya Sinha? Story behind name is like this: Vidya's father Pratap S. Rana had produced two films namely Vidya and Jeet. Dev Anand and Suraiya was common factor in both films. Her nana Mohan Sinha had produced 32 films and had introduced actors who later became famous villain of Hindi Film industry like Madan Puri and Jeevan. He also gave Madhubala her screen name in Mere Bhagwan. Vidya was only child and her mother died when she was child. Then after her father married again. So her nana brought Vidya up. Her name was given in memory of mother-same name.

Vidya's father and Nana, both didn't want her to enter in Hindi film industry. Perhaps because they knew reality of industry as both were from the industry. But her luck and our luck to watch her on big screen was calling her. So destiny called her. She became Miss Bombay (at that time Bombay was not renamed as Mumbai). Actually behind her winning this beauty constest was her aunt who forced her to participate. Modelling followed then. She appeared in Colgate, Liption Tea, Khatau Fabrics ads. Vidya was married to Tamilian Brahman Venkateshwaran Iyer in 1968. Both were neighbours and fell in love. I guess her maternal grand father Mohan Sinha might have sigh of relief because he didn't want Vidyajee to enter in film industry and Hindi film industry had unwritten rule that actor or actress are not accepted by audience if they come to know that actor or actress is married. If you remember, Aamir Khan kept it secret for some time that he was married. At her marriage time, Vidya was only 21!

But destiny wanted her to enter in film industry so that she can entertain us. So she made Basu Chatterjee nimitt (loosely translated as cause or medium) to bring Vidya in film industry. Basu Chatterjee saw her ads and made her actress of 'Rajanigandha' (1974). But 'Rajanigandha' was not first film she signed. It was 'Raja Kaka' which released after 'Rajanigandha' and went unnoticed. However, 'Rajanigandha' was noticed.

Vidya Sinha and Amol Palekar in Chhoti Si Baat

In this film, Amol Palekar was hero. Film had simple story and centered on only three charactors played by Dinesh Thakur other than Amol and Vidya. It won Filmfare awards. This film typecasted Vidya as middle class heroine which has no glamourous look but yet she is attractive. As middle class heroine, she wore simple yet good looking saree-blouse or dresses, acting as shy, good sense of humour, romantic and above all girl next door type of characters.

At that time, 'Rajanigandha' fared well at box office. It was low budget film. So low that it was made in just Rs. 2 Lakh. She was paid Rs. 10,000 for this film, as she told in her interiew to rediff.com. They had no make up rooms and vanity vans in those days.

Vidya Sinha didn't get big budget films

Coming from such film industry background, Vidyajee might have big budget films from top grade producer and directors in her basket, but some how it didn't happen so. May be due to her simple and not-so-glamrous look. After 'Rajanigandha' she had worked in comedy film 'Chhoti Si Baat', social drama 'Tumhare Liye', 'Pati Patni Aur Woh'. In 'Chhoti Si Baat', she played a working unmarried young girl who was center of attraction for two colleagues and both were trying to win her. In Gulzar's 'Kitab' she played Master Rajoo's sister. She played wife of Shashi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar in 'Mukti' film. Young generation may know 'Tu Mungada' because of Sonakshi Sinha featured in its remix version in 'Total Dhamaal'. But original song was of film 'Inkaar' (1977). In this supense thriller film, Vidya Sinha's role was good as Inspector Vinod Khanna's lover.  In social comedy 'Pati Patni Aur Woh' she played wife of Sanjeevkumar with whom she has love marriage but then Sanjeev Kumar flirts with her office colleague.  In South Bharatiya inspired Hindi film 'Swayamvar' she played daughter who is ill treated by her step mother. So in this film also, she was in de-glam look. I think as main heroine 'Swayamvar' is last film. Then after her film such as Kumar Gaurav's 'Love Story' in which she played character artist role mother of heroine Vijayata Pandit. So after appearing in first film in 1974 (Rajanigandha), she accpeted mother's role in film 'Love Story' (1981). It is said any hero or heroine rules over box office for 10 years.

It is upon fans to decide whether it was correct or not correct to reject offer of Raj Kapoor for 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram'! Yes, it is true. Vidya's maternal grandfather and Raj Kapoor's father Prithviraj Kapoor worked in 'Shri Krishnarjun Yuddh' which is said to be first multi star film. So both families had good relations, but Vidya didn't feel comfortable to play role of Roopa who is good singer but has ugly face. Reason of rejection for Vidya was that she thought she couldn't wear clothes like those Zeenat Aman wore afterwards in film. However, not that all in her films she played sidhi sadi ladki and similar songs. In 'Josh', Vidya looked not only glamrous, but seductress too.

Then afterwards Vidya also walked on her father's path and produced serials such as 'Simhasan Battisi' and 'Darar'. She also produced two region language films 'Bijli' (Marathi) and 'Jivi Rabaran' (Gujarati). Banner was 'Vidya Films' and in Gujarati film she acted too in lead role.

After Iyer's death in 1996, she shifted to Sydney and had quit acting for some time and entered into a wedlock with Bhimrao Salunkhe, a doctor, in a temple ceremony in year 2001. So after marrying in 1966, she remarried after 33 years!

They lived in a flat in Andheri west, but soon afterwards the marriage soured with her husband allegedly torturing her and demanding money, resulting in a police case which she subsequently won. They got divorced in 2009.

Vidya made a comeback in television serials like 'Kavyanjali', 'Bahu Rani', 'Zaara', 'Bhabhi' and her most recent show 'Kulfi Kumar Bajewala'. She was also seen in the 2011 Salman Khan's 'Bodyguard' in which she played character of Bua (aunty).

Earlier in the week, Vidya was put on ventilator support in the hospital in Mumbai. She was diagnosed with lung disorder a while ago and her condition had become worse since three months. The disorder had originated a few years ago and Vidya was brought in while she was in a serious condition. She died in Criticare Hospital, Juhu at 12 noon on 15th August. She is survived by a daughter Jhanvi.

She was 71 years old. She was as old as our Bharat nation after independence from British rule. Her soul may have got independence from her body, but we will not get independence from her sweet memories as middle class heroine and her songs. May Prabhu bless her soul sadgati!

Sing her songs:
1. Rajanigandha phool tumhare (Rajanigandha)
2. Kai baar yun bhi dekha hai (Rajanigandha)
3. Janeman janeman tere do nayan (Chhoti Si Baat)
4. Naa jane kyun hota hai ye zindagi ke sath (Chhoti Si Baat)
5. Maine dekha tujhe tune dekha mujhe (Karm) (Even those who present R D Burman songs day and night on fm radio stations, don't play this song as they know only some famous songs, but according to me this is unknown jewel)
6. Samay tu dheere dheere chal (Karm)
7. Lalla lalla lori dudh ki katori (Mukti)
8. Suhani Chandani Rate (Mukti)
9. Thande thande pani se (Pati Patni Aur Woh)
10. Ladki cycle wali (Pati Patni Aur Woh)
11. Tumhen dekhti hoon (Tumhare Liye) (This one of the best song of Vidya and also of music director Jaydev. Also it is one of the best Lata Mangeshkar solo songs)

07 August 2019

J. Omprakash left vast treasury of golden music

Those were days when producers and directors gave special attention on music and story more than anything. J Omprakash was one of them. He is no more. He passed away today. He was 93 years old. For new generation, he was grandfather or Nana (some channel misinterpreted and translated it as Hrithik’s dada without general knowledge that his dada was great music director Roshan) of Hrithik Roshan. His daughter Pinky married to actor-director Rakesh Roshan. Famous model and actor Deepak Parashar is his Bhanja or nephew.

He was producer and director too. As producer he produced films like ‘Aas Ka Panchhi’, ‘Aayee Milan Ki Bela’, ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’, ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’, ‘Ankhon Ankhon Mein’, ‘Aap Ki Kasam’, ‘Aandhi’, ‘Apnapan’, ‘Aasha’, ‘Arpan’, ‘Akhir Kyon?’, ‘Aap Ke Saath’ to name a few, whereas he directed ‘Aap Ki Kasam’, ‘Aakraman’, ‘Aapnapan’, ‘Aashiq Hun Baharon Ka’, ‘Aasha’, ‘Apna Bana Lo’, ‘Aas Paas’, ‘Aasra Pyar Da’, ‘Arpan’, ‘Aakhir Kyon?’, ‘Aap Ke Saath’, ‘Bhagwan Dada’, ‘Agnee’, ‘Aadmi Aur Apsara’, ‘Aadmi Khilona Hai’ to name few. 

From these names, you can easily draw an observation that he was predecessor of Rakesh Roshan and Ekta Kapoor whose films or serials always used to start with ‘K’ letter. J Omprakash was born in Siyalkot of Punjab state (which is now in Pakistan) on 24 January 1927. His banner name was Filmyug. His most of films barring ‘Aakraman’ and few, were family centric. His first film was Rajendra Kumar and Vaijayantimala starrer ‘Aas Ka Panchi’ (1961). From his very first film, he showed his sense for music. As, Shankar Jaikishan were music directors, there is no doubt that music ought to be good, but in few films, it was not so. And after this film, he worked with Lakshmikant-Pyarelal, R. D. Burman, Rajesh Roshan (his son in law Rakesh Roshan’s brother) and then Nadeem-Shravan. Barring Nadeem Shravan in ‘Aadmi Khilona Hai’ and his few last films, his films used to be musically hit. In ‘Aas Ka Panchhi’, ‘Tum Ruthi Raho’ is popular today even now. Film was successful on box office. 

Then came ‘Aayee Milan Ki Bela’. It was also hit. Rajendra Kumar, Sairabano and Dharmendra starred in it. Dharmendra played villain. This film had also melodious songs including ‘Tum Kamseen Ho’, ‘O Sanam Tere Ho Gaye Hum’, ‘Aa Ha Aayee Milan Ki Bela’, ‘Bura Maan Gaye’, ‘Tum Ko Hamaree Umar Lag Jaaye’. This film onwards, his tuning with Dharmendra set. He made ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’, ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’ with him. In both these films, Aasha Parekh was also a common factor. In ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’, new music director Lakshmikant-Pyarelal composed melodious music. ‘Suno Sajna Papihe Ne Kaha Sabase Pukar Ke’ was classic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Other songs were ‘Yeh Kali Phool Bankar Khile’, ‘Khat Likh De Saawariya Ke Naam Babu’, ‘Aye Kash Kisi Diwane Ko Hum Se Bhi Muhabbat Ho Jaaye’ and ‘Mere Dushman Tu Meri Dosti Ko Tarse’.
In ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’, L.P. gave another super hit album. (J Omprakash and L.P. worked till ‘Aaap Ke Saath’. After than he worked with Rajesh Roshan in ‘Aakhir Kyon?’ and Nadeem Shravan in ‘Aadmi Khilona Hai’.) Songs were ‘Saathiya Naheen Jana’, Monsoon favourite ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’, ‘Ye Shama Jo Jali’, ‘O Majhi Chal O Majhi Chal’. 

J Omprakash with Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaaz on sets of 'Aap Ki Kasam' 
Source: Internet

For his production’s ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein’ which had his son in law, Rakesh Roshan as hero with new comer Rakhee as heroine, he turned back to Shankar Jaikishan. It had so-so music. Title song is popular. With ‘Aap Ki kasam’ he turned to director. This film had hit pair of Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaaz. Now he chose R. D. Burman. And what a classic album! Romantic song ‘Karvatein Badalate Rahein’! Masti song ‘Jay Jay Shiv Shankar’! ‘Suno Kaho, Kaha Suna’ (I use to say this is toilet song in lighter way), ‘Aaj Muhabbat Bandh Hai’! Classical song ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’! And above all, sad song which had running train rhytham – ‘Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jaaten Hai Jo Mukam’. 

At time where Indira Gandhi and Congress’s sun was at its peak, he dared to make film reportedly based on Indirajee’s life – ‘Aandhi’ directed by Gulzar. Its music was also composed by R D Burman. And yet another classic album! ‘Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi’, ‘Tum Aa Gaye Ho Noor Aa Gaya Hai’, ‘Is Mod Se Jaate hain’, ‘Salaam Kijiye’. It got won best actor Filmfare award for Sanjeev Kumar and Filmfare best director for Gulzar. It was banned by Indira Gandhi government. 

After ‘Aandhi’, it was ‘Aakraman’, in which he was director. Its patriotic ‘Qawwali Gayenge’ song was frequent on Chitrahaar/Chhaaya Geet in Doordarshan old golden days. Music was by L.P.
 Then came ‘Apnapan’. With this film, J.O. turned to Jitendra, Rakesh Roshan’s friend. J.O., Jitendra and Reena Roy gave three hit films ‘Apnapan’, ‘Aasha’ and ‘Arpan’. It has memorable song ‘Aadmi Musafir Hai’ which I learnt to play on Harmonium by myself when I was in 12th Std. So close to my heart with its Harmonium based tune by L.P. (my eldest sister Smt. Sonal Gohil used to tease me by pronouncing Gujarati short form of Lakshmikant Pyarelal as La.Pya. which means if read together a boring person), Mohammad Rafi-Lata’s mesmerising voice and philosophical lyrics by great Aanand Bakshi. ‘Somvar Ko Hum Mile’ was OK. ‘Is Duniya Mein Jeena Hai’ was good. 

‘Aashiq Hun Baharon Ka’ was his other directional film. It had Rajesh Khanna-Zeenat Aman pair. ‘I am in love’ was good, not other songs.

But ‘Aasha’ proved to be more hit album in my view than ‘Apnapan’. ‘Shisha Ho Ya Dil Ho’ is favourite song of people with broken heart and included in almost all albums of sad songs. ‘Dhak Dhak Se Dhadkana Bhula De’, ‘Tum Ko Salaam Hai’ and ‘Jaane Hum Sadak Ke Logon Se’ were good. My favourite song from this movie is ‘Aashao Ke Angan Mein’ after ‘Shisha…’ song. 

His film as director ‘Aas Paas’ too had melodious songs. It has again J.O.’s favourite star Dharmendra and with him, adorable Hema Malini. ‘Tum Jo Chale Gaye To Hogi Badi Kharabi’ is my favourite song from this album. Hema Malini looks more beautiful in pink shirt-pant in this song and Dharmendra also charming. ‘Shahar Mein Charcha Hai’ and ‘Humko Bhi Ghum Ne Mara’ were typical L.P. type songs. Sad song ‘Tu Kahin Aas Paas Hai Dost’ proved to be last song of legend playback singer Mohammad Rafi.

‘Apna Bana Lo’ was directed by him. L.P. were music directors. It had ‘Apne Apne Miya Pe Sab Ko Bada Naaz Hai’ song sung by Asha Bhosle. It seems that it was made for Rekha jee only. She performed it very well. Ashajee mimicked Shamshad Begum with Kahi Pe Nigahe lines in this song. This song can be said female version of ‘Mere Angane Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai’ which was picturised on Rekha’s said to be lover at that time Amitabh Bachchan. ‘Dekho Koi Pyar Na Karna’ and ‘Mujhko Apna Bana Lo’ were Ok.

‘Arpan’ was also hit album from J.O. and L.P. trio. It has my favourite ‘Likhnaewale Ne Likh Dale’. When I was to shift to Amdavad for Divya Bhaskar job, I wrote my final piece in my column ‘Cine Vision’ published in Sunday supplement in Bhavnagar’s daily ‘Saurastra Samachar’. I included lines of this songs in that column piece. Milna Bichhadana Reet Yahi Hai, Har Yahi Hai, Jeet Yahi Hai, Mera Aakharee Geet Yahi Hai... And in final lines where there comes sobbing sound from Lata Mangeshkar, we also get carried away. ‘Pardes Ja Ke Pardesiya’ and ‘Tauba Kaise Hai Nadan’ was also hit song. Anwar’s song ‘Muhabbat Ab Tijarat Ban Gayee Hai’ was also good sad song. Interestingly, ‘Shisha Ho Ya Dil Ho’ and ‘Likhanewale…’ had dancing rhythm but Reena Roy and Parveen Babi performed it standing in respective songs with only facial and hand gestures. This was like ‘Jane Kyon Log Muhabbat Kiya Karte Hain’. 

His next ‘Aakhir Kyon’ was another musically hit film. This time, it had Rajesh Roshan as music director. Famous song is ‘Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Wo Kaam Kiya Hai’. With Smita Patil singing main part of it, Rajesh Khanna as cameraman played well in this song. ‘Ek Andhera Laakh Sitare’ is also beautiful Ghazal sung by Mohammad Aziz. ‘Shaam Hui Chad Aayee Re Badariya’ is classical song. ‘Saat Rang Mein Khel Rahi Hai’ is evergreen Holi festival song. 

With ‘Aap Ke Saath’, he turned again back to L.P. ‘Jind Le Gaya’ is my one of the favourite song sung by Lata Mangeshkar/Anuradha Paudwal (I doubt who is original singer as songs in both voice can be found on youtube). This had similar aalaap in beginning of song as in ‘Zihal-E-Miskin’ (Ghulami). Salma Agha had become popular due to her ‘Nikaah’ songs. But those were soft songs. In ‘Aap Ke Sath’ L.P. made her sing ‘Mera Naam Salma’ featuring Rati Agnihotri. We used to sing this song with nasal voice. Typical Shabbir Kumar style song ‘Aane wale saal ko salaam’ was regular on Doordarshan around 31st December.  In this song, veteran Sundar (wrongly spelled as Sunder) says, ‘Huzoor, aap Anand Bakshi Ki Tota Meina Ki kahani suna rahe the’.

His directed movie ‘Bhagwan Dada’ featured not only son in law Rakesh Roshan but also nati (नाती) Hrithik Roshan as child artist. Rajesh Roshan composed tunes for this film. ‘Tujse Pahle’ was typical R.R. song. But it was not J.O. type film and also Rajesh Roshan was not in full form for this film. Rakesh Roshan used to have Kishore Kumar as play back singer most of times, but in this film it was Mohammad Aziz who sang for him and didn’t match at all! Star cast was best- Rajinikanth, Sridevi and Rakesh Roshan, but film was totally failed. It is said that J.O. was sick and hence Rakesh Roshan himself directed some portion of the film. Hence this result! 

His Midas touch was gone by then. His produced and directed ‘Agnee’ was also flop. It has L.P. music but they didn’t also give their good (if not best). ‘Sajni O Sajni’ was regular song on DD but it is OK song. ‘Mil Gaye Dil’ is also OK Song. Mukhada of ‘Kaha Laaya Mera Yaar’ seems to be ‘inspired’ by ‘Tu kaha gayi thi’ from ‘Dharam Karam’. Then came ‘Ajeeb Dastan Hai Ye’ in 1992 but very few (perhaps only those who keep record of each and every Hindi film) may be knowing when it was released and when it was taken off from screen. ‘Aadmi Khilona Hai’ had J.O.’s favourite Jitendra and Reena Roy. But it didn’t attract people as it had neither good story nor music. ‘Afsana Dilwalon Ka’ was his last film which perhaps didn’t last for weeks. Few may be remembering its cast and other things.

Anyways, this happens with many directors and producers. Be it Manoj Kumar or Subhash Ghai. We have lots of good memories in way of J.O.’s films and treasury of melodious songs. May Prabhu bless his soul peace!

10 June 2019

Girish Karnad: Good film personality, not so good activist

Source: Internet

Jaywant Pandya
What one man can do in his entire life!

Some do nothing notable!

Some do so many things.

Some do many things memorable.

Girish Karnad comes in last category.

But now he is no more. When people woke up today, they shocked to hear this news.

Girish Karnad was progressive writer, director and actor. May be his family background made him so. His mother Krushnabai Mankikar was a young widow with a son, and while training to be a nurse, met Dr. Raghunath Karnad who was a doctor in the Bombay Medical Service. They could not marry for five years because at that time, society did not permit widow marriage. However, progressive Arya Samaj made them married.

Girish Karnad is another gift from Maharashtra to south Bharat and Hindi film industry. He was born in Matheran. His initial schooling was in Marathi. His family moved to Dharwad in Karnataka. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and statistics from Karnatak Arts College, Dharwad (Karnataka University), in 1958. For further studies, he went England and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Oxford.

Karnad proved his mettle as he was elected President of the Oxford Union in 1963.

He worked with Oxford University Press, Chennai for seven years. But his passion was for writing. So, he resigned. Then he started working with local theatre group, The Madras Players in Chennai, then known as Madras. Then he moved to Kannada dramas.

At that time, Kannada literature was highly influenced by Western literature. But Girishjee inspired from C. Rajgopalachari’s version of Mahabharat. No wonder, his ‘Yayati’ and ‘The Fire And The Rain’ was inspired by Mahabharat. His ‘Hayavadan’ play was also based on Hindu literature ‘Yakshagan’ and ‘Kathasaritsagar’. In this play, he narrated story of a woman who feels incompleteness of his husband and exchanges his husband’s friend’s head with his husband’s head.  Reason was her husband’s body was quite thin and weak, while his friend’s body was attractive and healthy. Then with blessing of Maa Durga, she gives them life. Like original story from ‘Kathasaritsagar’, woman namely Padmini accepts his husband’s head on husband’s friend’s body as her husband. Here, original story ends, but Girishjee’s story goes further. Padmini stays with her husband’s head and his friend’s body, but body is getting unhealthy and thin day by day. She goes to the man who had her husband’s body and husband’s friend’s head. Now his body was good. Her husband follows her and sees her with his friend. Fight happens and both gets killed. Padmini also becomes Sati after her husband.

In Yayati, he tried to show sad side of woman in society. When Yayati gets curse, his wife Chitralekha commits suicide because she realized that there is no hope that she will get her married life again. In Naga-Mandala, Appanna marries to Rani but he left and locked her and went to some other woman. When he knows about her wife’s pregnancy he claims her and to tells her that to prove her chastity [14]. This is the attitude of man in many parts of country.

Thus, apparently from his mother’s pain, Girishjee tried to show women’s pain in society.

Girishjee was not those who praised rulers for personal benefit. Through his drama ‘Tughalaq’ he showed Jawaharlal Nehru’s failure of ruling.  

He started acting in 1970 with ‘Samskara’. We often pronounce wrongly some Samskrut and Hindi words. Samsakara is also one of them. But south Bharat has preserved true Hindu dharma and language. That’s why its spelling is ‘Samskara’ and not ‘Sanskara’. Anyways, he ventured in Hindi cinema with ‘Nishant’ film. This film was by Shyam Benegal, great director of parallel or say art cinema. In Nishant, Girishjee played role of school master whose beautiful wife was kidnapped by Zamindar’s sons. When no one dares to raise voice, school master gives fight and awakes villagers against misdeeds of Zamindar.

Girish Karnad had indirect Gujarat connection. He acted in Shyam Benegal’s ‘Manthan’ which was based on Gujarat’s milk co-operative movement. Girishjee played role of Verghese Kurien.

He acted in ‘Swami’ whose songs ‘Ka karu sajani’ and ‘Pal bhar mein ye kya ho gaya’ composed by Rajesh Roshan are very popular even today. He played role of husband of Shabana Azmi who is married to him without her desire. 
Girish Karnad with Master Manjunath in Malgudi days serial, source; Internet
From name ‘Swami’, we get remembrance a little Swami of ‘Malgudi Days’ serial. It was based on R. K. Narayan’s books. I am sure you must have recalled and started singing ‘Tanana Tanana na’ song of this Doordarshan golden age serial. Girishjee played strict father’s role. He acted in popular family drama ‘Khandaan’. This serial had great tv and film actors like Neena Gupta, Mohan Bhandari, Jayant Kriplani and Shekhar Kapoor, Om Puri and Tanuja. He also hosted science based show ‘Turning point’ on Doordarshan. Thus in every way he tried to put society forward.

He made his directorial debut with Vamsha Vriksha (1971), based on a Kannada novel by S. L. Bhyrappa. It won him National Film Award for Best Direction along with B. V. Karanth, who co-directed the film.

He also directed Hindi films like Godhuli and Utsav. Godhuli was based on Kannada novel Tabali neenade Magane, written by S.L. Byrappa. Here, I should mention that reader of this blog post must read S. L. Byrappa’s Aavaran. It exposes manipulation to Bharat’s history by leftist historians. Later in 2013, Girishjee said that "It was my mistake to make two films — Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane and Vamshavruksha — authored by Bhyrappa”.

Since 2015, there is much debate on cow products based science and cow protection. ‘Godhuli’ showed cow importance much earlier. ‘Utasav’ film was produced by Shashi Kapoor. Shashijee was successful hero of commercial cinema but his love was for parallel cinema and play. He established and looked after Prithvi Theatre. He produced films like ‘Junoon’, ‘Kalyug’, ’36 Chowringhee Lane’, ‘Vijeta’ and ‘Utsav’. His ‘Ajooba’ was commercial film. ‘Utsav’ and its songs are now considered as classic. It was age ahead from its time. Few filmmakers have produced or directed film based on Samskrut literature. Shashijee was one of them. ‘Utsav’ was based on ‘Mruchhakatikam’ Samskut drama by Sudraka. Actress Rekha was in full form in this film and acted beautifully as well as erotically. Laxmikant Pyarelal had composed songs based on Hindu rag-ragini. ‘Man kyun behka’, ‘Sanj dhale’, ‘Mere mann baja mrudang’, and ‘Neelam pe nabh chhaye’ were truly melodious songs. Girishjee directed it very aesthetically.

His very little appearance in ‘Meri Jung’ film directed by Subash Ghai and acted by Anil Kapoor, Meenakshi Sheshadri was also memorable. He also acted in notable films like ‘Iqbal’, ‘Door’, ‘8 X 10 Tasveer’, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai’. But I remember his role in ‘Sur Sangam’ which was remake of ‘Sankarabharanam’. Film was directed by K. Viswanath who used to make clean film with message. His Hindi films such as ‘Sargam’, ‘Kaamchor’, ‘Shubh Kamna’ ‘Jaag Utha Insaan’, ‘Sanjog’, ‘Eeshwar’, ‘Sangeet’ and ‘Dhanwaan’ were also memorable with great acting by Rishi Kapoor, Jaya Prada, Rakesh Roshan, Rati Agnihotri, Mithun Chakraborty, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Vijayashanti.

‘Sur Sangam’ was story of classical music maestro who is trying to find a successor for his rare craft. If I am not wrong, classical music singers Rajan and Sajan Mishra both sang simultaneously for Girish Karnad. This was I think this was unique experiment done by Laxmikant Pyarelal. ‘Aaye soor ke panchhee aaye’, ‘jaaun tore charan kamal par vari’ and ‘dhanya bhag seva ka avasar paya’ are memorable.

Girish Karnad in protest against mob lynching, source: Internet
However, in his later life, Girish Karnad was in news for his political views. He opposed Narendra Modi’s candidature for Prime Ministership in 2014 general elections. Girish Karnad was always opponent to BJP for her ideology. But it should be noted that he got Gnanpeeth award in 1999 when BJP’s alliance was in power. He was admirer of Tipu Sultan of Mysore Kingdom. But actual history says Tipu Sultan was cruel forcing non muslim to embrace Islam.

Mysore Gazetteer says he (Tipu Sultan) was signalized by the forcible circumcision of many thousands of Indian Christians and their deportation to Seringapatam. In January 1788 Tipu descended to Malabar, and remained there several months arranging for its effective administration and the reformation of its people, calling upon them either to give up their sinful practices or be honoured with Islam.

He with other eminent writers, and film makers opposed sentence of death penalty in Bharat.  He suggested Bengaluru air port to be renamed after Tipu Sultan. He also joined in bandwagon of 'Intolerance of Modi government' gang. He saw mob lynching only from psudo secular view. He supported ‘Tukde Gand’ leader Kanhaiya Kumar. He protested against beef (cow meat) ban in Maharashtra.

I think political activism caused loss to creative actor and writer Girish Karnad. He is survived by his wife Saraswathi, son Raghu and daughter Shalmali Radha Karnad. May Ishwar bless his soul peace!

05 November 2015

Three reasons behind Shahrukh Khan's intolerance gimmick

On his 50th birthday, Shahrukh Khan, so called superstar (because as per earning of the films, real superstar is Salman Khan) gave a series of interviews to 'secular' journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt. He told that yes, intolerance is increasing in country. And people started reacting against and favour of him.

So, why Shahrukh suddenly jumped in bandwagon of intolerant movement?

There are three reasons. Lets take one by one.

1. Publicity stunt for his upcoming film 'Dilwale':

Shahrukh Khan is said to be very insecure person. Nowadays Salman Khan,  Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan have gone far ahead in terms of earning and giving hit films. So at this point Shahrukh's reputation is at stake. He is in pressure to give hit film to continue in race of superstar.

His immediately next film will be Dilwale. It will be released on 18th December 2015. It will have to face tough competition with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani. Shahrukh and Sanjay's -not so good relations- are well known in film industry. At time of Shahrukh's  Om Shanti Om release, Bhansali's Saavaria also released. Bhansali's film didn't perform well on box office. But since then, Bhansali has got stronger. His film has new and -lucky for success-pair of stars i.e. Ranvir Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. In this case, Shahrukh had to do a publicity stunt because his film has he himeself and Kajol in lead role which would be not liked so much in comparison to new age hRanvir and Deepika.

Shahrukh Khan's showing insecure was evident in past many times. When Akshay Kumar was giving successive hit films with director Priyadarshan, Shahrukh Khan snatched him on his side and produced a film called Billu Barber. But Saloon and beauty parlour associations protested against title and 'Barber' word had to be removed from title.

After then Shahrukh Khan didn't like hit pair of actor Ajay Devgan and director Rohit Shetty. So he brought Shetty on his side and produced film 'Chennai Express'. Upcoming film Dilwale is also directed by Shetty. Shahrukh's film Jab Tak Hai Jaan directed by late Yash Chopda was to be released on Diwali 2012 with Ajay Devgan home production's Son Of Sardaar. At that time Ajay Devgan complained to Competition Appellat Tribunal for not getting enough single screen theatres. Shahrukh Khan apparently always tries to make Ajay jealous by showing physical proximity with his actor wife Kajol.

2. KKR case with Ed
It is well known fact that Enforcement Directorate (ED) has once again summoned on 28th October 2015 actor Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise, in connection with the ongoing investigations into irregularities in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Khan had been summoned in last May too, but he had sought time to appear before the investigating agency. Neither Khan nor any KKR official could be reached for comment. The actor was at that time out of town shooting for Rohit Shetty’s movie, Dilwale.

The ED is investigating two separate sales of shares by the KKR in 2009 and 2010 to Sea Island Investment Ltd, a Mauritius-based company.

The agency has alleged that the shares were undervalued. The allegations are based on a report submitted by chartered accountancy firm, Chokshi & Chokshi LLP.

As per Indian Express report, according sources, Chokshi & Chokshi was appointed to audit the value of the equity shares of certain IPL franchises to arrive at the correct valuation of the sales of shares.

A major contention of some of the IPL franchises is that sale of shares in the early days of the IPL was at a time when there was little in terms of valuations, with controversy surrounding the league.

So obviously Shahrukh had not liked this legal procedure which was not in place in UPA government to which Shahrukh Khan believed to have warm relations.

3. Closeness to Sonia G, Rahul G:
It is well known fact that Shahrukh Khan is very close to Sonia Gandhi family. It was publicly evident from the visuals/images/pictures of Shahrukh Khan-Gauri enjoying IPL cricket match with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and her husband Robert Vadra. So Shahrukh Khan has jumped in present ongoing movement of trying to create image of Bharat (India) as intolerant under Narendra Modi's government, on apparently behest of Congress and Sonia Gandhi. 

04 November 2015

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Music: Full Of Surprises

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo film by Sooraj Badjatya will be releasing on this Diwali. I could not resist my self from writing on its music album which is melodious and it is full of surprises.
First of all, in present age when most of films have only three or four songs, it has, like all previous films of Sooraj, 10 sons!
Second surprise is that it has not Raam-Laxman as music director who has given three musical hit films with Sooraj. Sooraj had tried Anu Malik in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hun but film music was not up to mark. It was more like Anu Malik type of music then Sooraj type of music.
Then Sooraj returned to Ravindra Jain who had long association with Rajashree banner. Sooraj and Jain gave good musical album of Vivah. Now Sooraj has brought in Himesh Reshmiya which seems because of Salman Khan. Salman Khan is god father of Reshmiya as well as Sajid-Wajid.
Another surprise is Palak Muchhal.
 Palak Muchal voice in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is so similar to Shreya Ghoshal.
 Vineet Singh who participated in Saregamapa is so sweet giving rememberance of Mohd Rafi (ofcourse he can not match his level) or Sonu Nigam.
 Very surprising fact is Himesh Reshmmiya who doesnt sing in his high pitch and nosal voice for this film. His song's lyrics will be remembered for ever because it is about childhood. Song is well written.
Shaan song aaj unse milna hai will give first remembarance of Kishore Kumar's song Aaj unse mulakat hogi but it is quite.
 Jab tum chaho song is wife or girlfriend special. All wives would like it.
Overall, this music album is full of surprises.

09 October 2015

Great Loss To Music! Music Director And Lyricist Ravindra Jain no more!

Raj Kapoor with Ravindra Jain

Sad news! Ravindra Jain passed away! He was not just music director but lyricist also. He was blind from vision, but had great inner sight.

Gave so many melodious films.Starting from 1973 to 2006, for almost 33 years he contributed to hindi film music. He worked mainly for low budge films but gave highly melodious songs. He mainly worked with not so famous singers at that time such as Yesudas, Hemlata, Jaspal Singh, Shailendra Singh etc.

Great actor, director and specially known for melodious music, Raj Kapoor tried Ravindra Jain after Shankar Jaikishan and Laxmikant Pyarelal. Pair worked fine and gave best music in Ram Teri Ganga Maili and Henna. Director Sooraj Badjatya also turned to Ravindra Jain after working with Ram-Laxman for three films. Actually Jain had worked for Rajshree production which belongs to Sooraj Badjatya. Sooraj and Jain worked for two films 'Vivah' and 'Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi'. However, 'Ek Vivah..' was not directed by Sooraj. Vivah music was very melodious.

His some of the best songs as per my choice are:
Sajna hai mujhe (Saudagar),

Le jayenge dilwale duhaniya le jayenge (Chor Machaye Shor)

Ghunghroo kee tarah,(Chor Machaye Shor),

Gori tera gaon bada pyara, (Chitchor)

Aaj se pahle, (Chitchor)

Jab deep jale aana, (Chitchor)

Tu jo mere sur mein (Chitchor),

Ankhiyon ke jharokho se (Ankhiyon ke jharokho se)

Kai din se mujhe, (Ankhiyon ke jharokho se)

Bade badai na kare (Ankhiyon ke jharokho se)

Le to aaye ho humka (Dulhan wohi jo piya man bhaye),

O Goriya re (Naiyya)

Thande thande paani se (Pati Patni Aur Woh),

In ankho ko tum dekho (Sunayna),

Geet Gaata chal (Geet Gaata Chal),

Shyam teri bansi (Geet Gaata Chal),

Mangal bhawan amangal hari (Geet Gaata Chal),

Kon disa mein leke chala hai (Nadiya Ke Paar),

Ram Teri Ganga Mailee (All songs),

Chhale pade baalo mein (Ye Aag Kab Bujhegi),

Henna (All songs),


Vivah (Do anjane ajnabi).

He also gave music in television serials such as 'Dada dadi ki kahaniyan',  'Ramayan', 'Alif Laila', 'Shree Krishna'.