07 January 2009

Rimi Sen and Sneha Ullal come back after two years!

This friday, on 9th Jan. 2009, cinelovers will witness return of two beautiful actresses who were in very much news some years before.
Who are they?
They are Rimi Sen and Sneha Ullal. You will say, we know Rimi Sen very well. She is daughter of gorgeous actress Moon Moon Sen but that is not case with the other one.
Boss, you are wrong. Many people mix up identities when there come names of Sen actresses. Riya Sen and Raima Sen are daughters of Moon moon Sen, but Rimi and Rima are non star child actresses.
If you try to recall, before Katrina Kaif got title of ‘Lucky Mascot’ girl, it was Rimi who got this title. Like Katrina, Rimi has also not special or good acting skills, but her presence was lucky enough to make film hit. Be it ‘Baghban’ or ‘Dhoom’ or ‘Phir Hera Pheri’. She was also known as Comedy film director Priyadarshan’s favourite heroine.
But after appearing in not so good film at box office, ‘Johny Gaddar’, Rimi disappeared from the picture. She was not in the news, good or bad, since 2007.
Now on this friday, her first film in the year 2009, ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ is going to be released. She will be playing double role, first ever in her career, in this film. She is paired against Nana Patekar and Muzzamil Ibrahim, who was lastly seen in Pooja Bhatt directed ‘Dhoka’ (Actually it should be ‘Dhokha’, but as more priority is given to numerology, spelling is doctored.). As name suggests, film is of comey genre. This will be Rimi’s second film with Nana Patekar. Before this, she had worked with Nana in ‘Hattrick’.
Talking about Sneha Ullal, she was considered as look a like of Aishwarya Rai. Salman had identified her. That was the period when Aish had broken up with Salman Khan. Salman was very hearted. He discovered Sneha Ullal and thus Sneha got ‘Lucky-no time for love’. Though, film bombed at box office, but its songs, of which music rendered by Adnan Sami, have been hit and are melodious. After that Sneha was seen in ‘Aryan’, pairing aginst Sohail Khan, younger brother of Salman. Film was good promoted, but it took a long time to get released. Film did not get even noticed.
After ‘Aryan’ Sneha turned towards south and started doing south indian films. But there are no news about she getting success in south.
So, watch out this friday for come back of these two beautiful actresses!

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