26 November 2009

Gujarat is out of saragamapa?

Gujarat missed the bus for finale

Zee TV’s, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge had its first semi final competition which was between two neighboring states i.e. Maharashtra and Gujarat and the results are out. As per information I get, Gujarat is at loss.

Close source from the show tells, “Gujarat has lost the competition leaving Maharashtra as a winner once again. Gujarat was strong enough to defeat Maharashtra in the first half of the show but at last Maharashtra took away the cake.”

“There was only 1 or 2 percent of gap between the performances of these two states but for sure the competition was tough for both the parties,” concludes the source. Though Gujarat had experienced singers like Parthiv Gohil and Deepali Somaiya, it was defeated.

Vaishali Mahde was called to wish her for the victory but she remained unavailable.

Finally Maharashtra had reached into the grand finale now let see who will be opposite to them in the singing battle.

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