01 January 2010

Who are they in ad of ebay, tell me abe!

Doordarshan period! Many remembered 50 years of Doordarshan in the year just passed year 2009, many didn’t. When memories comes in mind, heart goes out of control!

Many actors/actresses who featured at that time can be seen on either small or big screen. For example, Jayshree Arora who played character of the common housewife character Bhagyavanti in first soap opera ‘Hum log’ can be seen in ‘Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli’! Rajesh Puri who was known at that time as Lallu was recently seen in ‘Gunwale Dulhaniyan Le Jaayenge!’ which was directed also by himself. Now he is acting as boss of Sonu (Varun Badola) in serial ‘Sonu Sweety’. Nanhe (Abhinav Chaturvedi) was lastly seen in Subhash Ghai’s ‘Saudagar’. Basesarram (Vindo Nagpal) was lastly seen in ‘Karma’. Seema Bhargava who played Badki in ‘Hum Log’ was seen in some serial, but I forgot the name. May be serial was not worth to be remembered!
Renuka Israni who played character of Usha Rani was seen as Gandhari in serial ‘Mahabharat’. Grandmother Sushma Seth is almost retired, but she acted as mother of Rishi Kapoor in many films (few are ‘Diwana’ and ‘Bol Radha Bol’). Prince Ajay Singh in ‘Hum Log’ was played by Aasif Sheikh. He acted as hero in ‘Rama O Rama’ and then turned to play small Goonda in David Dhawan’s films like ‘Kunwara’, Rakesh Roshan’s films like ‘Karan Arjun’. But if we talk about small screen, we should take his name with one of the longest running serial on Indian Idiot Box (not the infamous ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, but) ‘Yes Boss’. In ‘Yes Boss’ he played character of boss Vinod Varma. Now he can be seen in ‘Ye Chanda Kanoon Hai’ playing character of lawyer Vibhooti Narayan.  
But where is Archana Joglekar (serial Kissa Shanti ka and film Sansar fame)? Yes, the Archna which was seen with Jayant Kriplani in serial ‘Mr. Ya Mrs.’ can seen laughing a loud in ‘Comedy Circus’ and hitting Akshay Kumar on a** in ‘De Dhana Dhan’. Jayant Kriplani and Girish Karnard are almost absent from the hindi tv and film scenario. ‘Karamchand’ Pankaj Kapoor has been active in serial (to give name a few, office office) and films, but now he is almost absent. ‘Karamchand’’s Kity Sushmita Mukherjee is playing mother in law who is sandwiched between her mother in law and daughter in law in serial ‘Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu’. So much names of actors from DD period are there that we are not able to remember all of them here!
But I can’t stop my hand running on keyboard to write few names of news readers. They are Shammi Narang, J B Raman, Ved Chaturvedi, Manjari Joshi, Avinash Sarin, Sarla Maheshwari. Where are they? Kahan Gaye Wo Log?

However, recently I got surprised when I saw almost vanished star of Doordarshan period in eBay ad. They were Dr. Narottam Puri and Komal G.B. Singh. Dr. Narottam Puri was regular as cricket commentator as today Harsha Bhogle is. Dr. Puri is not changed. He is still with his thin but famous moustache. However Komal has got much fatty and she looks much older.

And yes, Sadhana Srivastava! The famous announcer of Doordarshan period! I found her picture on net and memories got back in mind of ‘Aap Aur Hum’ (used to come on Tuesdays) in which viewers letteres were read!
Are you hearing a sweet sound of Rafisaab singing, Yaad Na Jaaye Bite Dinon Ki?!

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