11 September 2009

DPL will be as popular as IPL is : Ejaz Khan

When I smsed him for interview, I didn't know he is in Ahmedabad and if he would call me it would cost him std charges. But in reply to my sms requesting him for small interview, he replied back :

Can I call you when I am free?

I said ok with almost idea that he is not going to call me. Why should he call me? Am I mumbai based film journalist? Am I Khalid Mohammad or Am I Omar Qureshi? Yes, it was the fact that I have been writing on films and television for 11 years and journey still continues and I have interviewed more than 90 Bollywood-
Tellywood celebrities ranging from Madhuri Dixit to Mallika Sherawat and Saroj Khan to Rajeev Khandelwal. But that fact was totally unknown to him.

And eventhough my phone rang with flashing his number.

I am talking about Ejaz Khan, the man who is going to anchoring Sony's upcoming reality show DPL (Dance Premier League). Ejaz had come for auditions in Ahmedabad.  My conversation with him.

"How did this show happened to you?" I ask him. "See, Dance is my passion. डान्स मेरे दिल के बहोत करीब है। So when i received proposal of this show I accepted," he tells me. He is very ga-ga about this show. "This is very interesting show. It has good format. There are six zones - North, South, East, West and Central. There is NRI team also. Every team will have a captain and a choreographer. Match will be held. It may be between individuals, may be between team. It will be online of IPL (Indian Premier League). Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and more big stars are roped in this show. So, this show is going to be a big - never before show, It will be as popular as IPL is," he says very enthusiastic voice.

"Is it true that Madhuri Dixit is also joining this show?" I ask. "See, for this, I am not right person to answer you.

Ejaz Khan is currently playing Bhaskar role in Bhaskar Bharti on Sony. But about this show he simply tells, "I have just guest appearance in it."

Ejaz Khan was last seen in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka  after that he vanished from small screen. Why? "It was conscious decision," without elaborating reasons he says. He will be anchoring in reality show, so will he participate himself in any reality show? "No. Reality show is overdone and I have no plane to participate in any type of reality show."

Ejaz has played small roles in films like Takshak, Maine Dil Tujko Diya, Zameen, Kuchh Na Kaho, Just Married and Meerabai Not Out. So any films on hand now? "Yes, I have films that will release soon." Asking about them, he simply says,

"Wait and watch!"

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