04 July 2013

Shahrukh's third child, publicity stants and fights

First it was breaking news on around 14th June that Shahrukh Khan to have baby through surrogacy. It is known fact that Shahrukh Khan is 47 years old. His wife Gauri Khan is said to be 42 years old. So, news was that Shahrukh Khan will have child.

So suddenly controversy started that how come Shahrukh Khan knew that he will have male child only? Shahrukh Khan was also reportedly questioned by the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) as to how the actor came to know about the unborn child's sex when sex determination is illegal in India.

Fatwa was also issued against Shahrukh Khan. 'Markazi Darul Ifta Dargah Al Hazrat' issued a Fatwa against Shah Rukh Khan blaming Shahrukh for hiring a surrogate mother, they make it clear that this is a violation of Sharia laws.

Now yesterday news came that baby boy was already born on 27th May. As per PTI report, Mumbai Municipality Corporation (BMC) additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar told, "Yes, we have received the birth report of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan's baby boy,". As per details in the birth report, the baby boy was born on May 27 to parents listed as Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Shah Rukh Khan at the Masrani Hospital for Women in suburban Andheri.

The couple already has son Aryan and daughter Suhana.

The child was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy and weighed 1.5 kg at birth, BMC sources said quoting report received from Masrani Nursing Home.

It is mandatory for nursing homes and hospitals to register every birth in the city. The civic body issues birth certificates to parents on the basis of that report.

So, if child was born on 27th May, why scoop was planted that Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan will have to  baby through surrogacy and deliberately controversy raised that Shahrukh Khan might have done illegal sex determination test.

Was it because Shahrukh's new film "Chennai Express" to be released in short time? Was it cheap publicity stunt? If you recall, before Shahrukh Khan's "My Name is Khan" released, Shahrukh raised controversy that he was stopped at US airport because he told, "My name is Khan". Everybody knows that after 11 september, 2001, US has become highly alert and it is procedure at airport and even our erstwhile defense minister George Fernandes and former president APJ Abdul Kalam also had to pass through this strict procedure. So why did he raise controversy?

Are these mere coincidences that every time when Shahrukh Khan's films scheduled to be released, he becomes controversial issues? Does he do these publicity stunts because his films are getting flops one by one and his arch rival Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are delivering super hit films?

Many a times we have seen at Filmfare or other awards, Shaurukh Khan had joked other film actors in insulting way. Neil Nitin Mukesh had publicly said "Shut UP" to Shahrukh Khan. In KBC, one lady who was mother or other relative of participant refused to be hugged by Shahrukh Khan. But Shahrukh doesn't like to be joked upon himself.

When Shirish Kunder, director and husband of Shahrukh's great friend Farah Khan joked or criticised about Shahrukh Khan's super flop film "Ra One", Shahrukh couldn't tolerate it and reportedly slapped Shirish Kunder.

Before this, on birthday of Katrina Kaif, who at that time happened to be girl friend of Salman Khan, Shahrukh joked about Salman's ex lover Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It is known fact at that time Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was wife of Abhishek Bachchan and family member of Amitabh Bachchan's family. So why should he joke about Aishwarya? Salman Khan joked about Shahrukh Khan's flop tv show "Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai?" And Shahrukh Khan didn't tolerate this.

Shahrukh Khan was treated as Salman Khan's family member. When he was nothing in film industry Salman Khan supported him. But after becoming superstar Shahrukh Khan changed. He had made a group of friends who used to be director, dance director, music director. And Shahrukh insulted and joked other rivals through his friends also. But one has to pay for arrogance. One by one all friend started leaving Shahrukh. Farah Khan made film by taking Akshay Kumar as hero. Karan Johar also left Shahrukh Khan. As per Hindustan Times's report, Shah Rukh Khan has a history of making friends only to turn them into enemies. After Farah Khan, Arjun Rampal and Hrithik Roshan have apparently turned cold towards the megastar. The actors gave a royal ignore to him at Dabboo Ratnani's calendar launch bash. Shahrukh's films also started getting flop.

Once upon a time Shahrukh created cold war with Amitabh Bachchan whom he was mimicking in his initial stage of career. Shahrukh wanted to do what Amitabh had done. So he got made 'Don'. He gathered actors and actresses in his 'Om Shanti Om'. It was similar to Amitabh's 'Naseeb' in which stars gathered in a song. In 'Om Shanti Om' Shahrukh mocked senior actor Manoj Kumar. In same film, Shahrukh and director Farah  Khan got Pyarelal (of great music director Laxmikant-Pyarelal) for arranging one song 'Dhoom Tana' for getting music of 70s, but on album they didn't acknowledge Pyarelal.

Shahrukh Khan had also fighted with security guard of Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. Khan, co-owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), had allegedly misbehaved with security personnel and MCA officials last year.

As per media reports, owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Shahrukh Khan lost his cool after his teams won against the Mumbai Indians on and abused the officials after he was denied entry in the playing area of the Wankhede Stadium.The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials had lodged a police complaint against Shah Rukh Khan for his alleged misbehaviour and decided to ban him for life from entering the Wankhede Stadium premises.

MCA Treasurer Ravi Savant was quoted as saying,”He (Khan) misbehaved and abused the MCA security personnel as well as MCA officials, including our president Vilasrao Deshmukh, after the IPL match (between KKR and Mumbai Indians). “We have decided to ban him for life from entering the stadium in future,” adding “SRK was dead drunk, our security tried to stop him but he pushed him and abused in such filthy language that I cannot use it here." After this incident, Shahrukh Khan was banned from entering in Wankhede stadium for five years.

Last year there were two films scheduled to be released on Diwali - Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar. Now Jab Tak Hai Jaan was of Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, while SOS was of Ajay Devgan. It is known fact that Ajay Devgan has not either good or bad term with Shahrukh Khan. But Ajay Devgan had to complain against Yash Raj Films.

As per media reports, ADF (Ajay Devgan Films) had accused YRF of manipulating exhibitors and distributors to release their film in more theatres than SOS. It had filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India.

"The case of ADF is that a producers/distributor/exhibitor cannot be allowed to enter into a tie-in arrangement which adversely affects competition. YRF has entered into a tie-in arrangement with the exhibitors in a manner that it has made it compulsory for the exhibitors to exhibit the untitled movie of YRF on Diwali day and two weeks thereafter with all four shows," said an official statement from the lawyers of ADF.

This year history is repeated. Shahrukh Khan's Chennai Express was scheduled to be released on Eid (8 August, 2013). On the same date, Akshay Kumar's Once Upon A Time In Mumbai-2 was to be released. But Shahrukh Khan influenced producer and yester year actor Jeetendra and Ekta Kapoor to postpone release of 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai-2'.

So, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, be a good boy. Respect all other colleagues and stars. You will also get a hit film again. You will not need to indulge in cheap publicity stunts and fights due to flop films.

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