14 June 2013

Teen trend in bollywood

With the success of 'Student Of The Year' and 'Gippi',
 producers  are tempted to make teen age story based films.

With success of Student Of The Year', not only Karan Johar tempted to make one more film based on school going students issues and love story, producers Vishwas Joshi and Shailesh R Singh have also made a teen age film named 'Sixteen'.

Its tagline is going to controversial. It says - I like s#x that doesn't mean I am slut. Film has everything- school fun, romance, sex, murder. However I did not get impressed with its promo. As I earlier said, due to success of 'Student Of The Year' and then 'Gippi' more and more films will be based on teen age stories.

'Gippi' had more bold and blantant dialogues related to teen age issues like breasts, menstrual periods etc. To be fair with this film, it was also telling story of teen agers with obesity.

Generally film makers claim their films are reflection of society. And they are right in a way as teenagers or school students are now becoming more and more mature in very early age.

Puberty is a natural process that occurs in both girls and boys. Basically, puberty is referred to physical and emotional development of kids into young men and women and usually occurs during adolescence. A number of physical and emotional changes are seen in boys and girls when they reach at the age of puberty. But now signs of puberty are shown before the right age. Girls and boys are hitting puberty earlier than ever.

Gippi had more bold and blatant dialogues related to teen age issues.

Early puberty can be difficult for kids emotionally and socially and can be sign of many health problems. There is a strong need for parents to guide their children about early puberty so that they can be safe from difficulties.

In this age, while there is immense pressure to get best marks in exams and catch a luring career, there is also physical attraction. Facebook and other social media also keep teenager busy and stressed. If not counseled properly or giving too much privacy, teenagers can develop depression.

Anyway, returning to the issue, this teen age topic will keep continuing attracting more and more film makers in coming days. 

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