16 January 2014

Koi humdum na raha : One song, two voices!

This is amazing. Both were brothers. Both were super stars at their time. I am talking about legendary stars Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar. They sang two songs, both were super hit and later versions of these songs (sung by Kishore Kumar) are very popular even today.

When you come to know about some super hit songs copied ditto and changed lyrics then mix feelings emerges. Some times you think later was better, some times you think what skill is there? It is just copied song, nothing else. I don't want to indulge in such debate. I just put it before readers, they decide.

First song is Koi Humdum Na Raha. Yes, you will think that this song is sung and composed by Kishore Kumar and even picturised on Kishore himself. No my friend, original song was sung by Ashok Kumar. Mukhada in both songs are same but antaras are different. You check yourselves here:

This is original song sung by Ashok Kumar, from 'Jeeven Naiya' movie. Saraswati Devi was the music director. Film released in year 1936. This song was adopted in film 'Jhumroo'. Music director was Kishore Kumar himself. Release year of  'Jhumroo' was 1961! Listen Kishore Kumar singing Koi Humdum Na Raha...

You feel that Kishore Kumar's song is far better and there is more feelings in the song.

Now let's talk about another song. This original song is also sung by Ashok Kumar. Film is 'Jhoola', a 1941 film! Again music director is Saraswati Devi. There was also other actor in this film and he was Mumtaz Ali, father of ace comedian Mehmood. So, when Mehmood decided to made film 'Padosan', he thought to keep this song from 'Jhoola' in new version. Kishore Kumar also remembered this song. They both requested R.D. Burman to give a new touch to this song. New song was penned by Rajinder Krishan. 'Padosan' released in year 1968.

First listen Ashok Kumar singing Ek chatur naar:
Now listen this song full of masti from 'Padosan':

In both cases original songs were composed by Saraswati Devi. Both songs were sung and picturised on Ashok Kumar. Both were later sung by Kishore Kumar. Hain na interesting baat!

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