31 January 2014

Bappi Lahiri: De De Vote De BJP Ko Vote De Re

Bappi lahiri is set to join BJP today. 
(1)Which song he may have sung before agreeing to join?
- Angana mein Mamata, duware pe AAP, kaise aaye gori hum tohare ghar man?

(2) Bappida will sing this song for AAP:
AAP ka to lagta hai bas yehi sapna,
Raam naam japna paraya maal apna

(3) And Bappli Lahiri will not resist himself from this song for Narendra Modi as he always sings in every programme: 
Dil mein ho tum aankhon mein bolo tumhe kaise chahu
Puja karu sajda karu
Jaise kaho vaise chahu

(4) He will certainly ask voters to vote for BJP by singing this song:
De de vote de vote de vote de BJP ko vote de
Cpngress vale kuchh bhi samje hum hai sarkar bananewale, jahan bhi jaye Modi pukare gake Modi tarane

(5) But one thing is sure. He wont sing this song:
Khursi bina chain kaha rain khursi bina chain kaha re
Sona nahin chandi nahin khursi to mili are vote de de

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