02 December 2013

Salman Khan moving ahead in life?

Salman seems to be getting matured now both from mind and heart. It appears so from what he answered Karan Johar's questions about his ex girl friends Aishwarya and Katrina on the Koffee With Karan show. From Salman's past behavior we have seen that it is not easy to forget love- lover and when there is small world like film industry when you have to answer every day to journalists and bollywood friends which may be common between you and your ex lover, it may be very painful. Salman (who is equally responsible for his break ups) has successfully passed from this difficult stage, or at least it seems so.

But think about Jitendra who was unsuccessful to get married to Hema Malini and then Dharmendra married to her. Jitendra not only moved ahead in life but after then romanced with her on screen in films like Justice Chaudhary and Qaidi.

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