13 November 2013

Why we need to remember Baazigar after 20 years?

It was 19th November, 1993. I had completed 19 years. We had two choices to celebrate my birthday. One was to watch Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke and other was Baazigar. Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke was Mahesh Bhatt film starring Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla. It was comedy film and music was also good. But I preferred to go for Baazigar. We watched this film in theatre. Why? You know it! Baazigar has become classic film and it has completed 20 years yesterday (12th November, 2013).

Shahrukh Khan starred ‘Baazigar’ film completed 20 years! It would be better to say this film belonged to Abbas-Mustan, director pair. It is very unusual in Indian cinema, where usually music directors (such as Husnalal Bhagatram, Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmikant Pyarelel, Nadeem Shravan etc) work in pair, but not directors.
Abbas-Mustan got taste of success with film ‘Khiladi’ which was produced by cassette company Venus. So Producers and directors again got together for a new film to repeat success. Film was ‘Baazigar’. This film proved to be another hit for them. It was also a second success for Shahrukh Khan as an actor but first sucess as solo hero cum villain (Shahrukh had given hit film ‘Deewana’ but Rishi Kapoor was also there to share a major chunk of success as he was main hero of it). This was also first film of Shahrukh-Kajol as pair and they gave hit film one after another. They are still considered to be one of the most successful pair.

When there is talk of success, we should also consider Anu Malik. This music director was going low before ‘Baazigar’. He gave seven hit chart buster songs in just one film! Interestingly, ‘Chhupana bhi nahin aata’ song had two versions: One was in Vinod Rathod voice and another version was in Pankaj Udhas voice. Another songs were ‘Ae mere humsafar’, ‘Baazigar o baazigar’, ‘Ye kali kali ankhen’, ‘Kitabein bahut si’. Tune of ‘Ae mere humsafar’ was loosely copied from Kishore Kumar song ‘Khubsurat Hasinna’ (Mr. X). Whistle tune which comes in starting of song ‘Ae mere humsafar’ was used by Anu Malik in song of ‘Ishq’ (1997 film)- ‘Ishq hua kaise hua’. Two songs – ‘Tere chahere pe’ and ‘Samajh kar chand jis ko’ were not included in film but were on cassette. Even, ‘Ye kali kali ankhen’ is shown only part whenever this film is shown on tv channels.
Screenplay was written by three writers, Robin Bhatt, step brother of director-writer Mahesh Bhatt, Aakash Khurana, also known as actor and Javed Siddiqui who is now known as father of Leela (Lubna Salim) of tv serial ‘Ba Bahu Aur Baby’. This film was said to be inspired from Hollywood movie ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ (1991). First time in Hindi film history, hero kills his innocent lover to revenge against her father. It was hard to think that this film where hero and villain is same person, would be successful, but it met success. Scene in which Shahrukh tries to wear lens and one lens falls is said to be copied from movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’ in which Amitabh played double role. Shahrukh also immited Amitabh-Neetu Singh dance style of song ‘Mein tum ko kya kahun deewana’ (The Great Gambler) in song ‘Kitabe Bahot Si Padhi Hogi Tumne’. In turn, Shahdi Kapoor imitated Shahrukh Khan’s style with cap and funny dance in ’36 China Town’ in song ‘24 X 7 I think of you’. He also imitated style of Shahrukh Khan of song ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’ title song.

‘Baazigar’ was also first movie of Shilpa Shetty. After ‘Baazigar’, Shahrukh and Shilpa never worked together as leading pair, however, in ‘Om Shanti Om’ produced by Shahrukh Khan, Shilpa made guest appearance for ‘Dekho Dekho Hai Shaam Badi Deewani’.
Shahrukh Khan might have not gotten success if Akshay Kumar had accepted this film! Yes, as we all know, director pair Abbas-Mustan made a hit thriller ‘Khiladi’ with Akshay Kumar, so naturally their first choice for ‘Baazigar’ was Akshay Kumar. But Akki rejected this role as at their time hero used to be only hero and not grey character. Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan also rejected this role. Even Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan turned it down for the same reason. However he did a full fledged negative role in Abbas-Mustan's ‘Daraar’. Shahrukh Khan and Abbas-Mustan worked again in comedy thriller ‘Baadshah’ but didn’t meet success so after then they never worked together again.
Generally music directors and singers don’t get chance to come on screen as what they are. But in this film, singer Vinod Rathod and music director Anu Malik appear as respectively singer and music director. In ‘Chhupana Bhi Nahin Aata’ song, scene was of party thrown for Shahrukh and Kajol’s engagement.
Film makers first think of Sridevi for double role as Seema and Priya. But later directors felt that the audience wouldn't feel for Shahrukh's character if "he killed Sridevi." Therefore, Kajol and Shilpa Shetty were brought.
Siddharth (on right side) in Chhupana Bhi Nahin Aata song

It would also be noteworthy that Siddharth Ray plays lover of Kajol. Siddharth gave hit film ‘Vansh’ with Sudesh Berry. Siddharth was grand son of legendary film maker V. Shantaram. Unfortunately Siddharth passed away due to massive heart attack. Siddharth married to actress Shantipriya.
Dialogue of ‘Baazigar’ ‘Kabhi kabhi kuchh jitney ke liye kuchh harna padta hai aur har kar jitnewale ko baazigar kahete hai’ is quite popular. In Shahrukh and Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Baadshah’, funny dialogue was based on this dialogue. It was like this: ‘Kabhi kabhi dil jodne ke liye dil todna padta hai aur dil tod ke jodnewale ko …pata nahin kya kehte hai’.

Comedian Johny Lever was must for Abbas-Mustan’s films. Johny was appreciated for his role in ‘Khiladi’. Again in this film Johny was given important comedy scenes in Babu Lal head cook. Even today, people like to watch clips of comedy scenes from ‘Baazigar’, such as ‘Bina chai ki patti ki chai’ (making tea without tea leaves and adding salt in it!). Film also stars Raju Srivastav who is now well known standup comedian. Although Raju is seen in just one or two scenes. In party scene, song played ‘It’s my life’ was quite popular. This song is sung by Dr Alban and was quite popular reflecting changing nature of new generation.
So, sit on sofa, play dvd player and watch ‘Baazigar’ again! But be sure dvd has full movie in it without any cut!

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